Monday, 17 October 2016



Inquiry teachers give students time and opportunities to discover and make meaning for themselves.  That is not to suggest that the role of the teacher is obsolete or peripheral - this approach is strategic.


This approach is strategic because by taking students to the creation stations, students are given the freedom to choose any stations to create and explore.  Problem solving thru thinking and hands on activities.  Teachers role are not obsolete or peripheral because teachers are there to help and encourage students, give a nudge and motivate them to explore all possibilities and try every angles. Teachers are able to apply the DSLOs (Desire Student Learning Outcome) method as follows:


Character -  I can keep trying even when it is challenging
Teaching students perseverance, keep trying even when it is challenging.  If something doesn't work, they tweak it till they find the right fit.


Critical Thinking - I can think in more than one way
Students are able to think for themselves to get the best outcome or solutions.  Students will be able to solve and answer questions that come out while they are creating.  Being creative and using lateral thinking approach to solve problems.  Teachers are not thinking for them or feeding them with ideas. The students are problem solving and coming up with the best solutions all by themselves.


Collaboration - I can work with a team and help others
Students will be able to work independently, in groups, with peers, and with a team to get the best outcome.  Discussion with team members for best solutions and collaborate methods or ways to make things work.



Communication - I can talk and listen to other people
Sharing and giving ideas with peers and team members. Listening to peers suggestions and acting on it.  Trying out all possible ways each team members suggested.  Looking for the best solutions to their problems by discussion and talking it all out.


Creativity - I can use my imagination to made new things
The challenges is to put together, create and discover for themselves and find meaning in their creation.  Creating and finding solutions by giving students the opportunity to think for themselves and the freedom to learn and explore.



By giving students the opportunity to be creative in their thinking; hidden talent discovered, challenges met and students felt mission accomplished.  Students are excited with their creations, have more confident, exercise team work and building better self esteem.


  1. This is an excellent example that exemplifies the descriptor Aaini! It is evident that the students are using the Technology Creation Stations to explore on their own, freeing the teacher and assistant to guide the learning when necessary. Your descriptions of how the DSLOs are being met are thorough, and it is fantastic that you have inserted images and embedded YouTube videos in your post.
    Be on the lookout for more examples of 'What Inquiry Teachers Do'!

  2. Hi Aaini,
    Your comprehensive post demonstrates your deepening understanding of the real Power of Inquiry. The pictures and videos you have selected reflect how important it is that students have time to do the thinking for themselves. The links to the school's Desired Student Learner Outcomes are a reminder that this work is embedded in our daily work in school - thank you.